That Buzzy Sound - 1998

by angelo gianni

Reunion 03:56


This is a demo recorded just after Treadmill got dropped and just before Angelo split for Los Angeles. The idea was that Ang was going to get to LA, shop the demo, find a band, get signed and live happily ever after. The only thing that actually happened is the live happily ever after part.

But there is a good story about Angelo posing as a motorcycle messenger to get the demo into Guy, the president of Maverick's hands - and then being thrown out with the security team matched the name on the CD to the name on Angelo's license. But Sony did show some interest- but then asked when they could come see the band. Of which there was none.

Features John Furr on guitar and Troy Tague on Drums.


released October 1, 1998

Featuring John Furr and Troy Tague


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