Root Cellar Live - 1992

by Root Cellar

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Much 04:31
New Crusades 04:23
Run and Play 03:22
Gertie 04:45
Wonder 03:53
Lights Out 08:13


Where does this stuff come from? Another cassette left uneaten by the rats under a wet cereal box in some distant South Carolina landfill. This is a board tape from Root Cellar's very last show at Greenstreet's in Columbia, SC on June 11, 1992 (according to Tony anyway...)

This is pre-treadmill treadmill. Root Cellar started as an acoustic thing with an almost hippie vibe. I think there was a song called Burn Down McDonald's. The acoustic eventually got sent through a distortion pedal and a harder edge started to evolve. We recorded the first Treadmill record about a year after this show...

Root Cellar consisted of Tony and Ang (the sole constants) along with Dan Cook (Lay Quiet Awhile, Verna Canon) on Bass and Violin. Seems like there's a Root Cellar demo tape that was recorded at the Koger Center with Steve Borders - but so far it hasn't been found.

If we had any shame - we would have left out a bunch of these songs. Let's take, 'Gertie' for instance. And I think I counted two drum solos over the course of the show. Good Lord. But we have no shame and are proud of our rather embarrassing history. And there are a couple here that I'd completely forgotten about and kind of like. Wonder and Lights Out for example. And Feeding a Ringworm. Good one.

I remember this show. It was awesome and pretty packed and I wish I could remember why we decided to call it quits. Probably had to do with Dan being unwilling to meet for practice at 3am. Greentstreets was a great club (with a real dressing room). I saw the Ramones there. And Bob Mould. And Mary My Hope. And Dreams So Real. And the Swimming Pool Q's. And who knows who else.

The artwork also brings back some great memories. I wish I could get ahold of some of those amazing flyers and stickers created by our old friend JR Lara - great great stuff...

Anyway - this probably should have been left under the cereal box - but...


released June 11, 1992

Angelo Gianni, Vox & Guitars
Tony Lee, Drums
Dan Cook, Bass & Violin

Todd Garland & Joe Clarke sat in on percussion on Gertie...


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